Hope literally floats.

8:12 PM

Today I was feeling hopeful.
You know how sometimes just the mere thought of a cute boy can make you feel like you're floating?
It was like that.

So I started this drawing with just the girl and her hope balloon, but then I liked it so much that I added the others. I like the idea of this picture, that we're all carrying around these emotions and they sort of lift us up or bring us down...and sometimes they're out of reach. Oooh, so deep, I know. But I'm sure you're just wondering why the lady on the left is wearing rolled-up cuffed jeans. I was asking myself the same thing. I'll blame it on too much helium.

Thirsting for Freedom.

12:34 AM

With a title like that, I must be posting something important, right?

It's a dude in the hamster world with his buddy on the wheel. I may or may not draw more large hamster wardens to keep track of them...but for now, at least the guy on the wheel has a friend.
I mean, besides the hamster.

Wall Doodle

10:53 PM

Sometimes I just want to doodle.
With no rhyme or reason, no agenda, no ultimate goal in mind.
I don't know why there's an eagle in a trenchcoat or why that guy's forehead turned into a musical scale or what the heck is that thing in the upper left. What was I thinking about when I drew this stuff? A dripping basketball, an arrow surfer, a baseball planet...it's all nonsense. Except, maybe, the tiny little man running up the steps shouting "Brotha!" 
His name is Desmond, and he is not nonsense at all.

Does this mean I'm Doritos?

1:46 AM

Just a goofy doodle I had in my mind...
To clarify, Mr. Lion has been eating too much zebra, not tiger. That'd just be silly.

Keep running, you're almost there.

12:26 AM

My first "wall" sketch.
There's just something fun about drawing on the brick background that makes this seem like more than a boring doodle...at least, I think I will be encouraged to draw more than when I'm staring at a blank sheet of white paper. I don't think I meant for this drawing to represent anything "deep," except maybe some sort of commentary on corporate America or the potential epidemic of giant hamsters making us run their wheels. You know, something like that. Deep, like I said.

And so it begins...

5:37 PM

The inside cover of my new sketchbook.
It's not much yet, but it felt good to sort of "make it official" and let the wall sketching begin!

My new favorite thing.

10:30 PM

My friend gave me a sketchbook for my birthday - but not just ANY sketchbook...It's called the "Walls Notebook" by Sherwood Forlee. When I unwrapped it, I was confused at first. It's a book full of pictures of walls. That's it. To be honest, I'm mad I didn't think of this idea first. But as an artist, I think it's brilliant. I think it'll be fun to layer my doodles and sketches around the buildings in the photograph. I should figure out how to make my drawings look like graffitti. Anyway, I think I'm going to post my Wall sketches as I go along, and we'll see how they turn out!

An artist at all times.

10:55 PM

I have a hard time NOT doodling at work. But when I'm crossing off things on a checklist,
I allow myself the simple joy of turning it into something...This time, I just connected
the ends and added a few ladders so I could pretend I was creating a Donkey Kong
ramp system. Sometimes it's the little things in life, and even the little doodles,
that make life enjoyable.

Oh yeah, and I still need to buy stamps.

So this is why I can't throw things away...

6:07 PM

This year my mom wrapped one of my birthday presents in this bag. It was a party favor from a birthday party I went to when I was six or seven. Back when I had to add the "L." to my name because there were two Annies in my class. I had decorated the bag myself, and my mom has kept it ever since. So now I have it. It's sitting on my desk and somehow I can't bring myself to throw it away. This thing has been alive longer than the internet. It's spent over 20 years NOT being thrown away. I feel like I have to save it. If nothing else, even though it's the tackiest kitty cat puff paint bag I've ever seen, I love this bag simply because it is something of mine that my mother cherished. So here's to 20 more years of not being thrown away. I'll show it to my grandkids, tell them it's an antique. But I'm sure they'll just roll their eyes, get back on their hoverboards, and fly off.

Look Out Below

11:35 PM

This is a drawing I did for a friend.
I think I wanted to capture the vastness of life, how little we are, and how far we have to grow...
with the help of some lyrics from Arcade Fire. "Where the Wild Things Are" had just come out when
I drew this, and it made me think of children and stories and daydreams and big trees.

Mopey McMoperson

11:39 AM

This is a sketch I did of Hugh Laurie, who portrays the main guy on House M.D.
I never thought a person could scowl so much.

City Roots

11:55 PM

I think the basic concept here was something beautiful growing out of something not beautiful...

11:20 PM

I like to draw trees. Whenever I don't know what else to draw, I draw trees...or cute boys.

Blog Fail.

11:15 PM

It's taken me like two hours to create this blog...I'm starting to think I don't deserve it.

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