My Week in Sketches

12:47 PM

I opened presents with my mom and dad on Christmas morning, which I always cherish.

My mom and I baked a turkey the next day, which I've never done before, and I loved carving it up!

I love staying with my parents because my mom always has coffee ready for me in the morning.

My mom and I went out to lunch with my second grade teacher (and friend), and it was so fun to reminisce.

My friend from out of state came into town and I loved getting to catch up!

I celebrated New Year's with my dear friends, playing a handful of our favorite games before raising our glasses to a wonderful 2015!


My Very Merry Week in Sketches

7:14 AM

Merry Christmas! I've been loving getting to spend some time relaxing with my family over the holidays. But first, here's a look back at my week:

I work at the front desk in my office, and I often have to go "summon" coworkers up to the front office. But I find myself just wanting to hang out and join the conversations I'm interrupting.

We discovered that my friend, Katie, thought that Han Solo's first name was "Hans." We gave her SUCH a hard time about it, only to grill our next female friend who walked in, and it turns out she thought the same thing. Katie felt all kinds of vindication that she wasn't the only human on earth who didn't know Han Solo's name.

I'm always jealous of my friends that live about two blocks from downtown, and they always walk to stuff. But it dawned on me the other day that I only really live about seven blocks away, and that's actually walkable. So I took a nice little stroll to a local coffee shop, and it was just the best.

My friends and I had a white-elephant-yankee-swap gift exchange, and of course someone brought a live fish as their present. I love my friends.

Wrapping! Wrapping! Wrapping! I was proud to stay ahead of the game and get almost everything wrapped before I arrived at my parents' house.

My parents and I went to church together on Christmas Eve, which I treasure.


My Week in Sketches

7:11 AM

My staff Christmas party was last week, and it was so much fun! We had everyone stand up and "introduce" themselves (since we have a few recent staff hires who don't know everyone.) Everyone cheered SO loudly when my first coworker stood up, I thought there was no way we could possibly maintain that excitement level through 45 introductions...but our staff never let up, cheering ridiculously for each and every staffer. It was my favorite part of the evening.

My friends and I went out to dinner at a seafood restaurant. I don't care for seafood, and I was the only one in the group who ordered chicken...I was very happy with my decision, especially once I saw the giant crab they ordered.

Some of us went to our friend's parents' house for the first time, and we loved looking at all the photos of her when she was little.

I accidentally slept in a liiiiiitle later than I meant to...

My friends' kids and I decorated a gingerbread house together, which is one of my favorite Christmas traditions!

My church pastor was able to speak in a forum about racial reconciliation this week. We gathered as a staff to watch it live, cheering him on from afar.

I went out to dinner with my friend, and after an hour of sitting and chatting and we'd eaten our dinner...she realized she'd only drank about a fourth of her lemonade! We laughed about it, and I just couldn't wrap my head around how someone sips that slowly.


My Week in Sketches

8:49 AM

My friends and I watched a little of "Peter Pan: Live" together, and we couldn't help but be a little bit critical.

I got SUPER sick last Friday, which was the same day I was having my windows redone. The construction guy was so confused why it looked like I was crying.

My friend and I went to see Brian Regan, my favorite comedian. I hadn't seen him in years, and it was so fun to laugh that much.

My church's college group had an event where they rented a roomful of puppies, and everyone just got to play with the puppies. And eat tacos. It was brilliant. 

One of my coworkers normally has Monday off, but had to work this Monday...and, you know, no one really likes working on Mondays.

My coworkers and I work out together once a week, but this week we had a zumba instructor show up instead. I didn't know any better, so I stayed and now I know that zumba is my least favorite form of exercise. 

I had another dentist appointment this week, and it lasted about two hours. It felt like eternity. I watched the sun go down and lost all track of time.


My Week in Sketches

7:05 AM

Thanksgiving was last week! I'm always thankful to get restful time with my mom and dad during this time of year. 

I went over to my friend's house the day after Thanksgiving and was excited (as anyone would be!) to partake in their family's Thanksgiving leftovers.

I helped my dad move a couch downstairs, and somehow ended up carrying it with my neck.

Mom and I went shopping together, as mothers and daughters love to do.

I'm SOOOO excited that it's finally been chilly and rainy in southern California! I snuggled up with my flannel pajamas and electric blanket and just cozied up all evening. It was wonderful.

This week's staff workout was the best because my friends' 3-year-old was "helping" lead us in exercises.

I arrived at my office this week to find thousands of dead bugs on our lobby floor! Apparently they don't like rain and crawled inside to get dryer, only to dry up and die without water. NOT MY FAVORITE WAY TO START MY MORNING.


My Week in Sketches

7:05 AM

Happy belated Thanksgiving! I was excited to celebrate with my family this week, as well as take a spontaneous drive up to Oregon last weekend! My friends and their kids were taking a road trip up to Idaho, and I tagged along until Portland!

We drove through a giant redwood tree and BARELY fit.

We got to explore a little along the Oregon coast, which was SO beautiful and I'd never been there before.

We spent the night in Portland at my friend's aunt's house, and she took very good care of us.

Back at work, I had my annual employee evaluation with my boss...

 I hadn't really made anything for a while, until this week I stained a piece of wood and painted something on it...It just felt good to be artsy and creative for an evening.

 The day before Thanksgiving, my coworkers and I played a friendly game of "horse" in our parking lot, except we played "cat" to make it shorter. We were all embarrassingly bad at basketball, and we "meowed" people out of the game when they spelled "cat." All of it was wonderful, but especially the meowing.


My Week in Sketches

7:13 AM

Playing with my friends' kids and a helium balloon (indoors.) My job was to lower it back down from the ceiling whenever they let it go (about every six seconds.)

I tried making some more pancake art at my friend's house...

My friends and I had a nerdy game night, which was so fun because we haven't done it in a while.

My friend and I are secretly big fans of puzzles. We spent a lazy morning doing a puzzle together, and it was just the best.

I decided at the last minute to join my friends on a road trip up the California/Oregon coast! They'll continue on to Idaho, but I'll fly back.

Man, our staff workouts are still killing me. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to do some of the exercises correctly.

My mom got a chance to come by my office, and it was fun to have her meet all my coworkers she's heard so much about. She was quite the celebrity for a day.

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