Friday, August 22, 2014

My Week in Sketches

It's been a good week! Last Thursday I got to catch up with an old friend that I haven't seen in several years.

Then I flew to Idaho to visit a friend, and I finally got to meet her new baby!

The following night, we were all exhausted in the evening (my friends have a 5-month-old and therefore never get sleep...and I had no excuse) so we played the game "Scene It," while lying down on couches. Super cozy.

Little Cody decided to relieve himself in the middle of his diaper getting changed, and I was no help. 

Part of my job is helping to plan our upcoming staff retreat, which I couldn't be more excited about.

At lunch one day, coworkers and I started passing around baby photos of ourselves that we had on our phones...

I'm so grateful to work in an office filled with people of different races and backgrounds. This week, we took the time as a staff to share with each other what the events in Ferguson, Missouri, have meant to us individually, and how we can and should be responding.
It reminded me how thankful I am to know these wonderful people, and to have the opportunity to walk alongside them - even in frustration, even in helplessness, even in tears.

Friday, August 15, 2014

My Week in Sketches

Some friends of mine are moving to my town, and I'm so excited about it!

I spent part of a work day sanding and staining a picnic table at our office. It was nice to have an excuse to be outside and away from my desk for a little while.

At my soccer games, I never want to sub out. I love soccer so much and I just want to plaaaaayyyyy!

Happy to have my friends at church with me on Sunday.

We're contemplating purchasing a few hundred chairs for a meeting room, so we spent a day asking everyone in the building to sit in a sample chair and tell us how they liked it.

I built a table! It's made from some of the old wooden bleachers at the Hollywood Bowl, which makes it extra-special to me. I was so relieved that it turned out as awesome as I'd hoped!

My friend, Nate, got to come work at our offices for a day. It was so fun because he's heard me go on and on about my office and coworkers for the past eight months, and now he finally got to see it all.

Friday, August 8, 2014

My Week in Sketches

Hanging out with my friends and their little kiddos...and it was REALLY hot outside.

I went home to my parents' house for a couple days, and caught them up on recent events in my life...

The reason I went home was for my friend's dad's funeral, and I was glad I was able to be there.

I always love going to church with my mom and dad at my side.

A good friend of mine just started working where I work, and it's SO great to have him around in the office now.

I helped my friends install wood floors in their house. Guess who was most excited to use power tools?....

My coworkers and I went out to lunch, and one of them was really over-enthusiastic about bussing our table for us, or getting us more condiments...It was like she was our waitress.

Friday, August 1, 2014

My (Nerdy) Week in Sketches

This was a special week because it contained my annual trek to Comic Con, the nerdiest nerd-fest in all the land. It was so great. My friend and I really went for it, and spent the night in line to get good seats on Thursday (I know this seems insane to most people...Just think of it as urban camping.) We managed to get a good night's sleep, despite the one really chatty fangirl that talked loudly all night long. She was wearing a top hat...Not a full costume - just a top hat and, like, a t-shirt and sweats.

The overnight wait paid off and we had great seats to every panel we saw on Thursday, including a surprise visit by Matthew McConaughey. Even though I apparently temporarily forgot how to spell "McConaughey."

Friday evening, I was pleasantly surprised to see Taran Killam, Breckin Meyer, and Nathan Fillion were the guests on a panel of "mystery guests." I know they're not huge celebrities, but I love them all. It was a good time.

Another smaller Comic Con panel: there was a read-through of an episode by the voice actors of the cartoon "Sanjay and Craig." Tony Hale and Maulik Pancholy were two of the voices, who I love from Arrested Development and 30 Rock. I was sitting right behind their video monitor in the second row, so as they were staring at it, it felt like they were staring at meeeeee!

Back home again, I went out to lunch with a friend...settling back into life where I'm not surrounded by adult nerds in costumes.

Some friends and I went out for trivia night at a local bar, which was a blast. We lost to a team called "Trivia Newton John," but I felt like their name alone made them the winners.

Friday, July 25, 2014

My Week in Sketches

I loved watching the logic of a 5-year-old try to sweet-talk a 4-year-old into playing keep-away.

I was super-annoyed that the local sporting goods store only carried ridiculous, neon-colored cleats...and ONE pair of black ones. I took my business elsewhere.

I went to a lovely wedding on Saturday. It was so fun to see my friend so happy.

At church on Sunday, we were instructed to look into the eyes of the person sitting next to us for a few moments, for an illustration. Hellllooooo, awkward eye contact.

My coworkers and I are going to a conference together, and I've never been more excited about anything ever.

Our office has a little courtyard in the middle of it, and my coworkers and I had a picnic out there on Wednesday. It was adorable and tasty.

Friday, July 18, 2014

My Week in Sketches

We had a movie night in my friends' backyard, and it worked out great! We set up a movie projector, so the kids and dads watched "Peter Pan" while the ladies got to chat. It was great, and some much-needed girl time.

 My friend helped me cut some wood with 45-degree angles with his fancy new saw. I can hardly wait until one day I will have a huge garage filled with power tools.

My friends and I went swimming in Lake Arrowhead, which is my FAVORITE thing to do! That lake is paradise, and it was great to be there surrounded by so many friends.

 Lake Arrowhead, Day 2! Spent more time in the sand and less time in the water, with delightful company.

 We played charades at my small group this week, and at one point I had to get everyone to guess the movie "Annie" which was fantastically easy.

My friend came to spend the night, and she told me about the crazy show "Married at First Sight," and then we had to watch an episode. We couldn't look away.

I finally saw "Frozen" all the way through, and now I'm obsessed. I don't know how it happened. But my coworkers keep catching me listening to it at my desk.

Friday, July 11, 2014

My Week in Sketches

My friends and I spent an evening talking in really, really low voices...
I can't explain this stuff. It seemed really funny at the time.

July 4th was AMAZING. My friends and I went to Dana Point, where something called "Water Wars" takes place - a thousand little boats of people attack each other with water guns and buckets. It was insanely fun, and unlike anything I've ever done. It was THE BEST.

My friend from out of state had been visiting California for several weeks, and finally had to head back to Colorado...but she'll be back in December!

I walked with a limp on Sunday. This was because I had stand-up-paddle-boarded for the first time ever on July 4th, which required using muscles I didn't know existed. Two days later, I was walking with a limp, though I preferred to act like I was somehow wounded during Water Wars because that sounded tougher.

Back at work, sometimes I get to make large meal purchases for big groups of people. 

Our office is shaped in a square, with a hallway that is one big loop. Whenever I'm going back and forth to the copy room, it's like I'm running in circles.

In our staff meetings, we sing a nerdy welcome song to anyone who is new on staff. We sing it all as a group, but this week we had one very eager staff member who started singing the song to himself before we were ready.