Friday, April 18, 2014

My Week in Sketches

My coworkers and I got to tour our new future office together. It was so fun having all of us in there at once, with so much life within those walls!

My little 6-year-old buddy just lost one of her front teeth, and it was quite the victory.

A good friend of mine just turned 30, and I was glad I got the chance to celebrate it with her.

Our pastor overturned some tables as he was giving his sermon on was pretty intense from the second row!

My small group met in an old restaurant I'd never been to before. It had dim lighting and big booths and red leather chairs...It seemed like the mafia would eat there. Or guys smoking cigars.

My boss has been out of town for a few days, which prompts me to gleefully take over his office.

My friends invited me to lunch with a dramatic car-pulls-up-and-someone-shouts-"Get In!"-technique. Very effective.

Friday, April 11, 2014

My Week in Sketches

Last Thursday was fun because there were only two of us in our normally-overflowing office, so I was super-productive.

I visited our future office space with our tech guys, and was happy to have their expertise at hand.

I got to play soccer on Saturday! I hadn't played in 14 years, and it felt like coming home. I've missed it so, so much!

I spent part of my weekend sanding and staining some wood that I'm hoping to make into a headboard.

My friend and I were able to acquire some wood from the bleachers that are being torn out of the Hollywood Bowl! I love the idea of making things out of it and knowing the history these planks have been through.

I like my boss a lot. He's pretty great, and I feel like we're a good team.

My friends and I went out to lunch and they tried to serve us "Fanta Cola" when we ordered Cokes...which did not go over well.

Friday, April 4, 2014

My Week in Sketches

 One of my good friends is a bit of a tech (end everything else) expert, so the poor guy always gets cornered by me asking for advice. 

I finally got to watch part of the movie "Frozen", which I've heard so much about. It was being narrated by a four-year-old, but I didn't mind.

 I got to celebrate my wonderful friend's 30th birthday (with an equally wonderfully chocolate fountain!)

At church on Sunday, an analogy was made that required several balls of yarn to be thrown into the congregation. It made for quite a spectacle, all of us strung together.

This is when I accidentally agreed to go out dancing with friends on Saturday...which I quickly took back. Dancing at a club is pretty much my worst nightmare, no matter how fantastic the company.

I joined a soccer team this week! This is SUCH happy news in my life. I've been whining about a "soccer-shaped hole in my heart" for YEARS. And I finally found a league and a team and suddenly I have the willpower to go running!...Well, lightly jogging until I'm out of breath. Close enough.

I finally got a chance to connect with my friend who just became a new mom, and hear all about her new little baby.

Friday, March 28, 2014

My Week in Sketches

Here's a sketchy look at my week! (It's starting off with a weird one):
I put very little thought into my jean-shopping, so when hip friends give me jean-compliments, it mainly just confuses me.

I spent the morning working on stuff with my mom delightfully closeby.

My friends and I splurged and saw two movies in one night, which was SO fun. I haven't seen many movies lately, so it was a treat to have a double-header.

My parents and I took some "selfies" together, which I treasure. We're kind of adorable.

This is me buying a cartful of yarn for work...

I got to hang out for the Hollywood Bowl for a little while last week, and it was fun being in there without many people. I've never seen it empty before.

My friends and I tried out a new place for lunch, and it turned out to be an old-school diner where almost everyone was a senior. Good food, though. We hipped up the joint.

Friday, March 21, 2014

My Week in Sketches

I love hammock time with all my friends' kids! It's the least relaxing hammock time you could possibly imagine, but I love it all the same.

This is what happens when you cook from scratch all the time...Your kids catch on! (I will never have this problem.)

 Bridal shower with friends!

My small group went out for brunch on Sunday, which was a lot of fun. The bacon was clearly a big hit.

I tried boba for the first time, in a "rose tea" which tasted really rosy. 

Dreaming of future office decorations...

Sometimes our office at work is super crowded, and this past Wednesday was no exception. It was a little chaotic all day, but I've come to love the hustle and bustle.

Friday, March 14, 2014

My Week in Sketches

This week was a good one.
It started by getting to hang out with some dear friends that I hadn't seen in a few months.

I went to the park with my friends and their kiddos, and we laughed at how kids always want to run around while we just wanted to sit on a bench for an hour. 

I hesitated about posting this because it's so weird...but it was Saturday night and I was kind of bored, so I found a rooftop to climb and had dinner up there...which feels ridiculous to admit. But it made an average night into an adventure.

The next night was far less exciting, as I spent my evening doing online traffic school.

Somehow this conversation happened:

This was a sweet moment with my coworkers earlier this week. The newest member of our team commented on how much he liked being on staff, and everybody else was quick to echo that they still like it, too. It made me happy to be a part of this team.

I got a chance to sprawl outside in the sunshine for a few minutes, which was so refreshing. I should be outside more often.

Friday, March 7, 2014

My Week in Sketches

My friends and I watch Survivor every season. It's a grand tradition. 

I went out to breakfast with my friend and her little boy, and happily managed not to get soaking wet despite the torrential downpour outside the restaurant.

I flew to Colorado for the weekend to visit friends! At one point while we were out to dinner, the waiter walked up while we were in the middle of an air-keyboard session...including an air-keytar that played cat sounds. You guys, I can't explain this stuff.

This is to commemorate the extreme giddiness my friend and I shared when we were told that Denver features a restaurant that bakes adorable little mini-pies.

Back at work and feeling super-productive. I like crossing things off a checklist.

My coworker was very eager to show us how Wendy's is "cool" now. It's definitely better...

..but sometimes we still go to Chipotle, despite how hip Wendy's is.